Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Game Name Story

On old entries I said that the name of my game was "Fight Against Mutant Revenge", but at that time I had not created the title screen yet. So, when I started to create the title, I put the acronyms "F.A.M.R" and I notice that's not easy to pronounce... and even... I was really close to a real word "farm" instead!

Considering that's a game where you fight against a lot of animal-looking mutants... I thought that FARM acronyms will sounds way better... and finally I changed the name to "Fight Against the Revenge of the Mutants".

So, why I decided to start the game name with "Fight Against" initially? Well... the real answer is that I was looking for a generic name, in order to make a prefix for distinctive sequels... like "Fight Against : whatever I want", and in this case were "Mutant Revenge".

However, I must say too, that in that time, I was listening a lot of the "Rise Against" songs, and I really liked how some song titles reads with band title as prefix, like: "Rise Against Entertainment", "Rise Against Broken Mirrors", etc.

I think that's funny how this sequence of decisions took me to an interesting wordplay, don't you?